Reconditioning Of The Hybrid Batteries

The reconditioning of the hybrid battery has greatly helped in making things easier. In fact, it is considered as a revolutionary idea by many people. Various aspects are associated with the hybrid battery reconditioning. Before reconditioning is done, it is always important to establish if there is some work needed by your battery.

Symptoms associated with decline in battery reconditioning

These symptoms are meant to alert you that something is wrong is wrong with your battery. They include increasing fuel consumption and decrease in the acceleration of the vehicle. Additionally, you will also realize that your battery is discharging and charging too soon. Your internal combustion engine might also turn more often than usual. However, it is important to note that any deterioration in the hybrid battery might not lead to malfunctioning of your indicators lamps in the initial stages.

Hybrid battery reconditioning

Your hybrid battery should be taken care of for it to serve you for many years. Any excessive heat generation from the battery can lead to a significant decrease in the lifespan of your battery. Severe damage to the hybrid battery can also affect the performance f other hybrid parts especially when you are driving on long journeys. Some of the hybrids parts which are greatly affected by a malfunctioning battery include the converters and the inverters. These parts are very costly. This means that this component should be given special attention to avoid further problems.

The perfect solution

A hybrid battery reconditioning will always save you from the troubles associated with battery failure. There are many advantages which are associated with this service. It is important for you to understand what this process is all about.

Reconditioning procedure

Battery reconditioning is a process which includes two main elements which include the following

  • Charging your battery pack
  • Deep discharging the battery

Both the charging process and deep discharging are combined multiple times to restore the battery’s condition. This is done by breaking down the voltage depressions and crystal formations within your battery. This is what restores the batter’s usable capacity which was lost. This process is helpful in equalizing the cell voltage level. A restored battery will provide your vehicle with more usable capacity. This is useful in realizing the full capacity of the vehicle.

Steps involved

The following steps will assist you when you are reconditioning your battery

  • Charging the battery until the voltage stop to rise
  • Once the charging process is complete, the battery should be discharged. Each cell should be left with a voltage of 0.8 volts

This process should be repeated until the battery’s voltage stops rising. All this is done to ensure that your pack is fully balanced.



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